the Jewish New Year is upon us. This past year 5776-2016 has been very strong, we have continued powerful and impactful national advertising campaigns for Israel against the global onslaught of delegitimization and demonization. We have continued our national outreach efforts to promote universal Jewish values. We have added hundreds of thousands of followers along with millions upon millions of social media interactions and continue to operate one of the largest social media bases of any Jewish organizations on Earth. We’ve also staged large-scale, high-profile live events attracting thousands. We have also pushed back against enemies of the Jewish people in a manner that few other organizations can replicate. I trust that you saw our ad this week on the Saturday edition of the New York Times, copied below. Together we can do great things.

We plan to redouble our efforts. In the coming year we need your help, please on this Sunday night, start the commencement of the Jewish year, 5777, with a donation. Be our partner in our work and invest any amount with us. Your donation really counts and any amount helps. We can’t do our work without you. Donate by clicking any amount below.


Rabbi Shmuley Boteach