Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, “America’s Rabbi,” whom The Washington Post and Newsweek call “the most famous Rabbi in America,” is for many the face of Judaism in the modern world and one of the world’s most respected values and spiritual voices. He is one of the leading defenders of Israel and appears as a regular guest in international media outlets. Rabbi Shmuley is also one of the world’s most respected and oft-quoted relationship experts. An international best-selling author of 31 books, Rabbi Shmuley's works have been serialized in major international publications and translated into 20 languages.

H ailed as one of the world’s most gifted public speakers, Rabbi Shmuley won The London Times Preacher of the Year Award at the Millennium, setting a record for the most points in the competition’s history. He lectures regularly in the United States, Europe, Israel, Australia, South Africa, and Asia. He served as host of the award-winning national TV show Shalom in the Home on TLC. He also hosted The Shmuley Show on the Oprah and Friends radio network and on 770 WABC in NYC, the most listened to radio station in America. He currently hosts the TV show Divine Intervention, in which he counsels and brings healing to families and individuals in distress.

In 2016 Rabbi Shmuley released his newest book “The Israel Warrior” to critical acclaim. The book is an in-depth study of the Arab-Israeli conflict over the last seven decades and serves as a passionate argument for human rights and liberty in the Middle East.

In 2014 Rabbi Shmuley published Renewal: A Guide to the Values-Filled Life, which establishes the seven universal values that can bring healing to an increasingly fractured society.

Rabbi Shmuley has been labeled “a cultural phenomenon” by Newsweek and is regularly listed as one of the world’s most influential spiritual voices. In 2012 he was named by The Jerusalem Post as one of the fifty most influential Jews in the world.  The New York Observer calls him “the most famous Orthodox Jew in the world.”

Rabbi Shmuley was honored by The National Fatherhood Initiative, receiving their most prestigious award for his efforts on Shalom in the Home to promote the importance of an involved father in the contemporary family. Rabbi Shmuley has also been named by Talkers Magazine as one of the hundred most important radio hosts in America.

The American Jewish Press Association awarded Rabbi Shmuley its highest award for excellence in commentary for his weekly syndicated column.

In 2008, Rabbi Shmuley became one of five finalists for Brandeis University’s Bronfman Visiting Chair in Jewish Communal Innovation for his proposal "Bringing Judaism Into The Mainstream." The proposal is an extension of The World Values Network, the organization he founded and for which he serves as executive director, and which aims to promote universal Jewish values and defend the State of Israel in American culture via media, politics, the arts, and live events.

His book Kosher Sex was an international blockbuster, widely regarded as a modern classic and one of the most important books written on relationships in the past decades. His recent publications on the American family, Parenting With Fire and Ten Conversations You Need to Have With Your Children were both launched on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and in October of 2011 he published Ten Conversations You Need to Have with Yourself, a self-help guide to gaining a deeper awareness of oneself.

In 2008 as part of The World Values Network Rabbi Shmuley launched the national family dinner initiative Turn Friday Night Into Family Night which has garnered support from every corner of American society and which features television PSA’s of leading celebrities and political personalities asking parents to give their children focused time.

Rabbi Shmuley first came to world attention through his founding of the Oxford University L'Chaim Society, an organization of Oxford students that within three years of its founding in 1988 had become the second largest student organization in Oxford's history. At the university, where Rabbi Shmuley served as rabbi to the students for eleven years, he played host to, and debated, some of the world's leading thinkers, statesmen, and entertainers including Benjamin Netanyahu, Mikhail Gorbachev, Prof. Stephen Hawking, Shimon Peres, Deepak Chopra, Elie Wiesel, Yitzchak Shamir, Prof. Richard Dawkins, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Simon Wiesenthal, Michael Jackson, Boy George, Leonard Nimoy, and Prof. Colin Blakemore, to name but a few. The organization’s former presidents and members include New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, Israel's Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer, and Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti.

Hailed by Dennis Prager as "possessing one of the most fertile minds of our generation," Rabbi Shmuley’s best-selling books include Wisdom Understanding Knowledge, Dating Secrets of the Ten Commandments, Face Your Fear, The Private Adam, Judaism for Everyone – which many Jewish publications chose as their book of the year – and a review of Oxford’s history and life, Moses of Oxford, Vols. I & II. His book Why Can't I Fall in Love was a finalist for the 2002 Books for a Better Life Award, and in April 2005 Rabbi Shmuley published Hating Women: America's Hostile Campaign Against the Fairer Sex.

 In 2007, he published his monumental study of American masculinity, The Broken American Male and How to Fix Him which was widely cited as providing key insights into growing depression among American men.

Rabbi Shmuley is one of America’s most sought-after television and radio guests, having appeared on shows ranging from Oprah to The Today Show to The View to Dr. Phil to The O'Reilley Factor to Good Morning America, and nearly everything in-between, including regular appearances on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. He was also the subject of a full-length BBC documentary, Moses of Oxford. He has been profiled in many of the world's leading publications, including Time Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times, The London Times, The L.A. Times, the Chicago Tribune, Politico, The New York Observer, and The Washington Post.

Rabbi Shmuley is a weekly columnist in The Jerusalem Post, The New York Observer, and The New Jersey Jewish Standard. He is a principal contributor to the home page of The Huffington Post, and makes regular contributions to The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and many other leading publications including Breitbart, The Daily Beast, and The Algemeiner.

Engaged in such a wide range of endeavors, it is no wonder that Salon.com wrote, "Boteach has his scholarly finger on the pulse of the nation."

Rabbi Shmuley is married to his Australian wife, Debbie, and they have nine children and three grandchildren.

He has nearly 1.5 million followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Education and Brief Career Highlights

Born Los Angeles, CA, November 19, 1966.

Toras Emes Jewish Day School - Los Angeles, California
Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami - Miami Beach, Florida
West Coast Rabbinical Seminary - Los Angeles, California
Toras Emes Jerusalem Rabbinical Seminary - Jerusalem, Israel

1986–88: Rabbinical College of Sydney, Australia.

1988:Received Rabbinical Ordination from Central Chabad-Lubavitch Yeshiva, Tomchei Temimim, Crown Heights, Brooklyn New York, World Chabad Headquarters

1988–1999:Served as Rabbi at Oxford University creating the Oxford University L’Chaim Society, the second largest student organization in Oxford’s history

1999: Won the London Times Preacher of the Year competition, receiving more points than any other person in the competition’s history

2007:Founded The World Values Network

Books by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

  • The Israel Warrior (Gefen, May 2014)
  • The Fed-Up Man of Faith: Challenging God in the Face of Tragedy and Suffering (Gefen Jan 2013)
  • Kosher Jesus (Gefen January 2012)
  • The Modern Guide to Judaism (Overlook, 2012)
  • Ten Conversations You Need to have With Yourself (Wiley, 2011)
  • Honoring the Child Spirit: Inspiration and Learning from Our Children (Vanguard, 2010)
  • Renewal: A Guide to the Values-Filled Life (Basic Books, 2010)
  • The Michael Jackson Tapes (Perseus Books, 2009)
  • The Blessing of Enough (Sony, 2009)
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  • The Broken American Male, And How to Fix Him (St. Martin’s Press, 2008)
  • Shalom in the Home (Meredith Books, 2007)
  • Parenting with Fire: Lighting up the Family With Passion and Inspiration (Penguin Press, 2006)
  • 10 Conversations You Need to Have With Your Children (HarperCollins, 2006)
  • Hating Women: America’s Hostile Campaign Against the Fairer Sex (HarperCollins, 2005)
  • Face Your Fear: Living with Courage in an Age of Caution (St. Martin’s Press, 2004)
  • The Private Adam: Becoming a Hero in a Selfish Age (HarperCollins, 2003)
  • Judaism For Everyone: Renewing Your Life Through the Vibrant Lessons of the Jewish Faith (Basic Books, 2002)
  • Kosher Adultery: Seduce and Sin with your Spouse (Adams Media, 2002)
  • Why Can’t I Fall in Love?: A 12-Step Program (HarperCollins, 2001)
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