RABBI SHMULEY: In Syria, Trump Restores America’s Human Rights Leadership

For those of us who waited four long years to see the United States reclaim its moral mantle as leader of the free world and protector of human rights, tonight’s news that President Donald Trump struck at the Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad is electrifying.

Who among us has seen the images of dead Arab children in Syria over the last few days, and not felt shaken to our core at the injustice of it all? Who among us has seen the frothing at the mouth of innocent men and women, attacked by Assad with Sarin gas, and wondered how the world can watch in silence? Who among us has not felt shamed and humiliated by our own impotence?

It is 2017 and people are still being murdered by poison gas with the world watching in silence. That, my friends, is an abomination.

And now, finally, the United States rises to the occasion and shows that human life has value. Those who devalue it will suffer serious consequences. Kill babies and you will be killed yourself. So you had better think twice before you drop those gas canisters.

We human beings are not God. We are not all-powerful. We are not omnipotent. We cannot punish every unrighteous iniquity. We cannot strike at every fiend. But we can punish the worst offenders so that others might take notice.

And if gassing children is not evil then the word has no meaning.

This past November, Trump won the election. But tonight he became the leader of the free world.

The President has elevated the value of Arab life in Syria, where more than half a million have already been murdered.

President Barack Obama disgraced himself and his administration by allowing genocide in Syria with absolutely no response. Worse was his Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, who had earned a global reputation for calling out previous American government officials as “bystanders to genocide” — only to become one herself.

The biggest sin of government officials like Susan Rice is not the alleged “unmasking” that currently pervades the news, but her allowing 1400 Arab civilians to die of a chemical gas attack by Assad on August 20, 2013 — and then, as National Security Adviser, doing nothing.

America is the light of liberty and the beacon of democracy. Those words ring hollow when America watches genocide and does nothing.

Tonight President Trump has helped restore America to its human-rights luster, and Arab life to the claim of infinite value that is the birthright of every child of God.

May God protect the innocent people of Syria and may God bless America.